Pullbox Program Updates & Discounts

5/17/21 - We're announcing some exciting upgrades & larger discounts coming to both our PullboxLite & PULLBOX+ programs that will benefit ALL members, present & future!

We're also announcing the expansion of the CollectorsChoiceComics.com website to include ALL titles from ALL publishers starting JULY 1ST. (Don't worry, it won't be required to pre-order online to get your books each week!)

Additionally, I wanted to check in personally with each one of our pullbox members to learn more from you about what you love about the program, what's working, what isn't, and what we can be doing more or less of. More on that at the bottom of this page...

Lastly, with the transition of all Marvel titles moving to a new distributor later this year, this is the perfect time to 'check in' and possibly refresh your subscription list - for all titles - not just Marvel.

What's being upgraded/updated...


Our PullboxLite program will remain the same, with the same great benefits as before, and will also remain FREE - with no monthly minimums or charges to get the same great benefits listed below:

- Free bag & board with every comic
- Free screening for damages (NM- or better)
- Guaranteed titles (if ordered before FOC)
- No minimum # of titles
- No minimum $ spend
- Add or cancel titles at any time

PLUS, we are now offering TWO ways to save for our PullboxLite members:

Option A: Pre-order your weekly books via the FOC (Final Order Cutoff) section of our own CollectorsChoiceComics.com - and receive 25% OFF COVER PRICE on every book! (Larger discount will start in June for DC books, then for ALL books starting in July.)

We've optimized our website to be SUPER easy, on both desktop and mobile, to order your books with the discounts automatically applied! If you've been using our site to order your DC books each week - we hope you agree that's it's been simple & easy!

Option B: If you plan on not using our website to pre-order, and prefer to pay for your titles when you pickup at the shop, you will continue to receive 20% OFF COVER PRICE!

• For existing and new PULLBOX+ members, you get EVERYTHING listed above in the PullBoxLite program, PLUS the following additional benefits:

- 1 FREE Modern CBCS graded book per month
- 1 20% OFF coupon to be used on our website for any order (except FOC titles) per month
- 1 $5 OFF coupon to be used toward any signature fee per month
- NEW! Receive an ADDITIONAL 5% OFF CODE to be used specifically on FOC titles - for a total of 30% OFF COVER PRICE on all new books ordered through our website!

*NOTE: Starting July 1st, the price for this upgraded PULLBOX+ program will be moving to $25/month (which only a $5 increase, and STILL $5 BELOW the cost of a single graded book! June price will still be only $20!)


If you currently use Previews World Pullbox for all your ordering, we will begin the phasing out Previews World Pullbox starting July 1st, as we move all DC, Marvel and Indie titles 100% to our website for easy ordering. Again, you will receive an EXTRA 5-10% OFF to your existing 20% discount - by using our website and depending on your membership level and how you choose to order books - as explained in the 2 options above.

More details on when the last week will be to order from Previews World Pullbox - but know there WILL be some overlap with all books being available on Previews World AND CollectorsChoiceComics.com to make the transition smooth.

We know it hasn’t been the easiest system to use, and we know our own site is WAY better, but don’t hesitate to send along any questions you have. Don’t worry, we’re not flipping the switch overnight. You have time.


Whether you decide to pre-order your books through our website, or prefer to keep it old-school with a manual pull list, please reply to this email with your latest and greatest subscription list. This will allow us to keep your list on record, and ensure that we order plenty of each title each week.

Also, to make any changes to your list at any time, simply email kevin@collectorschoicecomics.com with any additions or deletions. It's that simple.

As we move away from Diamond, and into our new account with Penguin Random House, CCC will be better supported to take care of each and every one of our collectors - with more communication, easier pulls, and hopefully the very best PULLBOX service available.


As part of this upgrade and transition to our pullbox programs, I personally would love to get feedback from you on the following topics..

- What's working?
- What isn't?
- What can CCC do a better job of?
- What can CCC do more of less of?
- What is CCC missing from our Pullbox programs?

This is the perfect time to share your thoughts, so we can work any/all feedback into where we're heading for both our retail store, and online collectors.

Don't hold back. We want to be here for you for the next many months and years as the world of comic enjoyment and collecting continues to grow, CCC wants to grow with it, and we can't do that without you! You have the power to influence how we make things better, and this is your chance to share. Email: kevin@collectorschoicecomics.com

If you've made it this far, you need to be rewarded...so here's a code for 10% OFF ANYTHING our entire website. (1 time use only - so make it count!). Use code: UPGRADES

Many thanks for taking the time to read through all of our exciting announcements, and thank you in advance for any feedback you choose to share.

Keep an eye INSIDE your pullbox in the coming weeks for more updates!

Thank you all again for your continued support!

Kevin Gawthrope
Co-Owner, Collectors Choice Comics, LLC
- CBCS Authorized Signature Witness & Grading Facilitator
- Authorized Retailer for Marvel/DC/Indie Comics

T: 480.205.2712
E: Kevin@CollectorsChoiceComics.com