PULLBOX+ and PullboxLite Programs

We have the best collectors out there!

From visiting our booths at shows coast-to-coast, to trusting us with your books for signature witnessing & CBCS grading submissions, and supporting us weekly both in-store and online - you've helped us grow, slow & steady, since 2014. 

5 years later, in 2019, we took the next step in our mission to help grow your collections and hard-earned investments for years to come, by launching new, enhanced, and expanded services here at Collectors Choice Comics.

Welcome to PULLBOX+

We break down all the details & features of this membership program below - starting with one of the biggest perks we've ever been able to offer to our collector community: 


(effective 7/1/22)


(New/Modern, Blue Label - book of your choice - 1975 to present - a $40 VALUE!) 
- no signatures, pressing, or express grading, sorry! -


+ 20% OFF COUPON CODE to use on the CCC website! 
(single-use per month, does not apply to FOC orders, or upcoming signing packages)
(Cuts turnaround time on any book down to 2-3 months)


+ $5 OFF 2 Witnessed Signature Fees
(per month)


EXTRA 5% OFF COVER PRICE of new books each week!
(That's a total of 30% OFF COVER price, when promo code is used.)


+ ACCESS to our private Facebook Group where we post early access to variants, exclusives, bundle deals, upcoming signings, and new book announcements - before we post them anywhere else!

+ FREE SHIPPING on website orders over $50*!
(*Does not apply to FOC orders.)

(yeah. crazy. we know.)

Everything mentioned above is in ADDITION to our FREE 'PullboxLite' program which includes:
  • Up to 25% OFF COVER PRICE of new books each week!
  • FREE bags & boards!
  • Easy online ordering for MARVEL & DC titles directly from our website! 
  • FREE screening for damages (NM- or better).
  • Titles guaranteed (when ordered prior to Final Order Cutoff (FOC) deadline.
  • No minimums. No fees.
  • Convenient Local Pickup at our Tempe, AZ shop location.
  • Discounted/Combined Shipping for non-local collectors.
(Yep, these are all still FREE!)

Please email info@collectorschoicecomics.com if you're interested in only signing up for PullboxLite for FREE.

Let's recap...
A FREE graded book submission + $5 OFF Express Grading + $5 OFF 2 witnessed sigs + 20% website coupon + Exclusive Facebook Group + Free Shipping on all orders over $50!
All for $30 a month!
Adds up, right?